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What tools do you use to hire?

We'll work with whatever tools and apps you use to keep your world turning, or we'd be happy to strategize and supplement with ours. We'll even help you build your own. Our team is equipped to set up custom Applicant Tracking Systems, job board postings and ad campaigns, LinkedIn pages, applicant workflow, ATS automations, A.I., and more.

We can work within your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), use our own ATS, integrate with yours, or build a custom ATS solution for your company's unique recruitment needs.

Let us create and manage your job posts, campaigns and budgets, as well as screen incoming resumes.

We can reach out to candidates using our email system or yours. We'll run the messaging by you before we kick off our search, and keep you up-to-date on our search efforts and candidate communications.

Let us know what scheduling software you're utilizing or how you'd like the interview process to flow.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Need help picking out, setting up, or just optimizing your ATS? That's what we specialize in. We've helped our clients build out a variety of ATS solutions based around their needs. We've even built Applicant Tracking Systems out of Project Management tools for clients who are most comfortable doing there tracking there.        Schedule a time to strategize about your ATS needs


Setting up workflows, evaluation templates, application builder, job templates, setting up and managing requisitions in Paycom

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 8.39.29 AM.png

Building workflows, scorecards, questionnaires, interview guides, evaluations, custom applications, and more in JazzHR

Setting up jobs, applications, workflows, custom views, dashboards, reporting, automations and more in Zoho Recruit

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